We are Jewelry 13:3 * ! Sometimes we go by J13:3. Viktoriya “Vika” Yeremena has been the founder since 2010. Our mission is to give back as much as possible to those in need, whether it’s in a local community, or across the world. We’ve very Global and stand for Justice, World Peace, and Equality. (If you like to hate for fun, we will distance away…)

*Jewelry 13:3’s name comes from 1 Corinthians 13:3 (AKA ‘The love chapter’ of the Bible) which says: “And if I give all I have to the poor and surrender by body to the flames, but I don’t have love, I gain nothing.”

Vika interpreted this as: “If I do all these seemingly good things and even sacrifice myself, but don’t do it out of love, then it’s a meaningless and selfish ambition.” Since then, J13:3’s goal was combining the passions for jewelry and art to help those in need. “Stay sweet” as J. Sullivan once said.

**J13:3 is not affiliated with any religion (or religious organizations), race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. While Vika has her own background and beliefs, Jewelry 13:3 is welcoming to all.**


Viktoriya Yeremena

Born in Russia on March 2, 1997, Vika (Vee•kuh) is quite the typical Pisces: fun, creative, and adventurous. She has always loved art and generally thinks outside the box in a free-form way. She practices many mediums outside of jewelry, such as: painting, drawing, pottery, designing coloring book pages, writing, and sometimes sewing… Sometimes she sings. Viktoriya has lived in the States since 2005, and has been to 11 countries before and after moving. She spent a month in Cambodia eating Khmer food and hanging out with awesome people! In April of 2018, she moved to Chicago to pursue her art dreams, as well as immerse in different cultures. Vika is a fighter for social justice, woman’s (& abortion) rights, racial equality/anti-hate towards other races & ethnicities, anti-colonialism/anti-capitalism, and is a strong advocate for Palestinian liberation/the fight against the Occupation. She has taken part in several protests for Palestine, Nakba remembrance, World Keffiyeh Day, Armenian Genocide remembrance, Holocaust remembrance, BLM protests, and rallies to defund the police.